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The History of Dublin Cinemas
[book by Marc Zimmermann]

Nonsuch Publishing: Dublin, 2007

224 ages, 249 illustrations (incl. 24 in colour), 17x25cm, paperback, RRP €17.99

Presents 140 venues in Dublin (Ireland) 1896-2007

This history of the capital's cinemas is the first comprehensive account of film venues from 1896 to 2007. An overview of the city's cinematic history is followed by descriptions of each venue, including historic cinema palaces, cine-variety theatres, fleapits, film venues, multiplexes and current projects. An appendix offers additional information on censorship, circuits and useful websites. The book examines the disappearance of historic Dublin cinemas in recent decades, stressing the need to protect our built cinematic heritage. The author is the Founding Chair of the Cinema Heritage Group.

Available via Amazon or through the author (contact here).