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Installation of a commemorative plaque: The Cinema Heritage Group installed a commemorative plaque at Dublin's very first dedicated cinema, James Joyce's Volta (opened 1909 on Mary Street) in June 2007. For a related TV news broadcast check out RTÉ News (see 'Volta cinema plaque unveiled in Dublin' link near the bottom of that page).
Consultations: Since its inception the Cinema Heritage Group has consulted on the history of cinemas and cinemagoing for the production of several international documentaries and feature films. It has also provided expert advice on the restoration of historic cinemas.

Dialogue with local authorities: The Cinema Heritage Group has made several submissions to and liaised with local authorities in Malta and Ireland, alerting them of significant historic cinema structures under threat, proposing suitable measures to preserve important examples of social and architectural history.

Publications: Several members of the Cinema Heritage Group have been publishing books and articles on the history of cinemas and cinemagoing around the world (see Publications).

Events: Chairman Marc Zimmermann has presented talks, exhibitions and guided walking tours of historic cinemas since 2003. (For upcoming screenings & tours go to Events).